Earth Day

As I packed lunch this morning, I realized how much packing bento-style lunches has cut back on my waste.  I no longer use lunch bags, paper or plastic, since my compact little bento boxes fit better inside the fridge at work and are more easily distinguished from other people’s food (an important consideration since some of my coworkers having been taking/eating others’ foods).  When I do need a bag (when I bring multiple small containers), I usually use a reusable, insulated bag I received as a freebie from a hotel.  The little sauce containers, silicone cupcake liners I use as dividers, and eating utensils are all washable and reusable.

Packing lunches so far has proved to be cheaper than buying, healthier than the options I’d pick when buying, and appears to be better for the environment.  Talk about a win-win!  If you’re not already packing lunches for yourself, I highly recommend it.  I don’t manage to pack lunches for both of us every day, but I try to pack as often as I can.


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