Dueling Elephants Bento

This is the first bento I made with the rice molds I won from Rachel’s giveaway.  They’re so cute, and a perfect size for bento boxes – not too large to fit in traditional bento boxes with shallow layers but not so small that they leave you hungry.  Thanks, Rachel!  I look forward to experimenting more with the molds.

The cranberry eyes make them look a little scary.

From top to bottom:

The sky is made from pieces of bell pepper with some catsup hiding in the corners.

The mountains are grilled vegan burgers (Boca brand).

Elephants are vinegared rice with dried cranberries for eyes.

Grass is edamame pods.

I used one of our large, shallow tupperwares for the container.  It holds 1000 mL, which is why I traditionally only use it for my husband’s meals since that’s an appropriate size for him.  Since I need much fewer calories for my own lunches, I made sure to leave a good portion of the box empty.  Even with that, it was too much food and I brought home a lot more leftovers than I usually do.  Overall, it tasted great but definitely benefited from reheating before eating.


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