Reinventing Leftovers: Potstickers Part 2

Doubling the potsticker recipe from Rachael Ray’s website left us with a lot of leftover potstickers, but the accompanying Sweet and Sour Slaw didn’t make it past dinner and lunch the next day.  I did, however, have some leftover shredded red and napa cabbage, so I decided to try to recreate the flavors of the slaw without dirtying up a pan or cooking in the morning as I packed my lunch.

I filled the bottom of my lunch container with raw shredded red and napa cabbage and then sliced some green onions on top (using scissors/kitchen shears keeps it fast).  I poured a couple shakes of rice vinegar and a quick dash of soy sauce  into the cabbage and topped it all off with three of the leftover potstickers.  I wasn’t sure how filling the lunch would be, so I also added three defrosted onigiri from the freezer.  I made these guys with the leftover rice from our sushi making night the week before.  If you haven’t made sushi rice before, I highly recommend it.  Very easy (just one additional step!) and very tasty.  After mixing rice vinegar, sugar, and a little bit of salt over heat, you pour the mixture over cooked rice and mix.

Results: I was really glad I added the three onigiri, because I polished off the entire thing for lunch.  I had debated whether to reheat the meal for lunch, but decided to since the day was a little chilly.  The heating helped the cabbage regain the same consistency and flavor of the slaw I’d made before on the stovetop, but cooked it in the tupperware along with the rest of my lunch.  The results were delicious.


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