His and Hers Potsticker Lunches

I adapted a couple recipes from the Rachael Ray website: Potstickers and the Sweet and Sour Slaw from this link.


Potstickers: Ground chicken comes in one pound portions at my grocery store’s butcher counter.  Wonton wrappers come with many more than just 16 in the package.  Both of these factored into my decision to double the recipe, in addition to the fact that the remaining ingredients were very easy to double.

Sweet and Sour Slaw: I found pre-shredded cabbage at the grocery store on sale.  It was cheap, fast, and easier, so I figured why not?  Additionally, Napa Cabbage alone looked a bit bland and lonely, so I added some handfuls of shredded red cabbage.  Since I’m allergic to raw carrots, I added them first and gave them some time alone in the pan over heat before pouring in the cabbage and scallions.

Results: Yum! The slaw was probably my favorite part, although the potstickers were delicious in their own right.  We’ve been trying different dumpling/potsticker fillings and so far found the majority of them rather bland and dependent on a tasty dipping sauce to make the meal.  These potstickers needed no sauce or dip; the Chinese five spice is pungent and flavors the meat and the potsticker wrapper.  Despite my delight in the potsticker filling, I found myself a little frustrated with the cooking instructions.  Despite watching the video demonstration twice and following the instructions carefully, it was near impossible to remove the potstickers from the pot without losing their bottoms (Hah-because they were sticking to the pot!  I think I get the name now).  The few that we did get to turn out whole were removed from the pan early and then finished in the microwave to ensure the chicken had fully cooked.  Doubling the recipe worked out pretty well; we cooked the potstickers in batches, which we would have had to do either way.  The main downside of doubling is that it felt like we were folding the little dumplings for hours and it got a bit tedious.

But let me get back to the slaw, which completely lived up to its name.  Tart from the vinegar, hint of salt from the soy, sweet carrots: it was so good I used the remaining cabbage in a faster mock-up recipe for the rest of the week’s lunches.  The addition of the red cabbage added some additional nutrients and color to the meal.  Pictured below are the lunches we made with some of the leftovers.

Sweet and Sour Slaw bed for the chicken-filled Potstickers.

I used the top layer to hide some of the ugly ones that fell apart when removed from the pan.  In order to make my husband’s lunch more filling with the same size container, I put in less of the slaw and more potstickers.  Mine is lower in calories and fat since I have fewer potstickers and a lot more of the slaw, which is low in fat but high in nutrients and flavor.


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