Costco Lunch

This is a quick lunch assembled almost entirely of items we picked up at Costco, minimal assembly required.  It ended up incredibly delicious but waaay too much food for lunch and snack.

Top: Pita Chips, Mango Berry dried fruit mix with some dried cranberries tossed in. Bottom: Edamame, hummus, mini-bell peppers stuffed with tabbouleh, few slices of quesadilla.

Even though it’s just two of us, we shop at Costco (a whole-sale, big box market).  We don’t buy too many perishables there, but enjoy stocking up on some items.  Fresh vegetables and fruits tend to be cheaper there than at our local grocery, but we only buy items we know we can use up before they go bad such as the baby bell peppers.  They’re perfect for tossing in a lunch, dicing for a salad, chopping into a sauce, or stuffing full of something.  Additionally, Costco is great for stocking up on items that are perfect for packing lunches to work, such as pre-made tabbouleh and hummus, along with pita chips.  Even if I don’t have time to make lunch, I can almost always carve out time to portion out some hummus and chips or toss some edamame in a tupperware and have some protein to snack on during work.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    Hello, you won the rice mold giveaway! Congratulations! Email me you address at and I’ll send you the molds! I would love it if you would also email me an animal product free lunch were you used one of the molds, so I can post it on my blog 😀

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