Easy Appetizer

Getting ready for my annual pumpkin carving party, I suddenly realized that the guest list had grown quite a bit larger than it was when we first started the tradition.  A little panicked for easy food ideas to keep everyone content while they hack away at their artistic gourds, I decided to fall back on an old favorite, an appetizer that you have to try to appreciate (trust me, it looks weird but tastes great!).

Get a block of cream cheese.  Yes a block, not a spreadable tub.  Low-fat or non-fat varieties will taste fine and help you feel less guilty.  Unwrap the block and put it on a plate.

Top it with a hefty pour of cocktail sauce or sweet chili sauce.

Serve with toasted bread rounds (they hold up well even with soggy toppings) or crackers.

Ta-da!  Instant appetizer with only three necessary ingredients.  Every time I’ve served it, it gets devoured even by initially dubious eaters.  I don’t suggest you use the cocktail sauce iff you don’t like cocktail sauce to start with though, it’s not going to change the flavor that much.  Consider chutney.  If you’re looking to upgrade this, consider tossing some cooked mini-shrimp on top of the sauce covering the cream cheese for a truly decadent but easy appetizer.


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