New tupperware + I wanna be a kid = Lunch

When I was younger, I always looked with envy at the kids with the cool lunchables lunches. Little crackers and sliced meat, cheese and some mystery surprise dessert.  Their parents must’ve really loved them, I would think and then miserably try to trade the yoplait yogurt or pb&j that made up my daily fare.  Now that I’m a little less (not much!) entranced by packaging, tending to care more about having some yummy food and contributing not quite as much to the landfills, lunchables don’t quite hold the same appeal.  However, I still like the idea of packing a lunch that basically gives permission to play with one’s food.  Since hubby and I just invested in a new set of tupperware-type containers (found them at Costco – snapware), it seemed the perfect time to indulge in a slightly more adult version of a lunchables lunch.  We’ll see if I’m the envy of the lunchroom tomorrow!

In the lunch pictured above is some low-fat dried salami cut into half moons, whole-wheat crackers, cheddar slices, dried mango with some dried cranberries and chocolate covered pomegranate bits mixed in, and a little plastic container of dijon mustard.  On the side are some fresh pomegranate arils and mini-green grapes I found at Trader Joe’s.


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